Thursday, November 11, 2010

Money Spending Habit. Spent Wisely

Honestly no body can motivate you to change your shopping habits unless you believe by yourself. The best way would be to keep record of all your spending for at least one full month. At the end of the month, categorize the spending and add all the money you spent in different categories.
You would be amazed that how much you are spending on things which you might not even need or avoid very easily. I am not suggesting that you stop buying milo if that is what you need to kick start your day at work. If you stop doing that you will not be performing at work and that is the last thing I would suggest. Based on your findings you decide now that what you can avoid and where you can save money.  Seeing the actual numbers will surly a big motivation for you.
So, may be this is the good time you need to get start now as the sooner you embark on the plan and the longer you practice on it, you will be surely amazed by the effort that you have put into and amount you have save.
Journey of thousands miles begin with first step and with the ends in your mind, you can do it. Welcome to the parallel world but with stronger identity.

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