Friday, March 29, 2013

Q29(Just click the respective answer to view full screen). :)



Cation Test
Fe3+   ion
1.Put the solution in the test tube.
2.Add sodium hydroxide solution/
         potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) solution/
        potassium thyocynate solution
3.Observation: brown precipitate formed/
       dark blue precipitate
       Blood red colouration
which confirm the presence of Fe3+ ion.

Anion Test
NO3 -   ion
1.Add dilute Hs SO4 
2.Add FeSO4 solution
3.Add slowly/ drops of concentrated H2SO4
4.Brown ring formed shows the presence of nitrate ion.
Cl -   ion
1.Add HNO3 
2.Add AgNO3 solution/ Pb(NO3 )2 solution
3.White precipitate shows the presence of chloride ion


Answer to Q25-27, 29-30 F4 Workshop 2013